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The future of our children and grandchildren always depends on our choices

Published the 26 May 2022

Some time ago I made a fool of myself: I hadn't been on vacation for years and so I took the globe saying : " I'll go where fate says and where my finger stops !"

I was lucky and flew to a wonderful place , a remote island between Borneo, the Philippines, Indonesia and Papa New Guinea in a MARINE PARK with one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

I thought I was just enjoying the sun, the beach, the coral reef and the fish , but that vacation changed me profoundly : every day at 3pm that postcard sea was filled with plastic , I did nothing but save hermit crabs and crabs trapped in bottles or small plastic canisters, I took a shower with water from the well and drank from plastic bottles, fueling the pollution and at night not even the singing of the giant forest crickets could cover the noise of the diesel-powered electricity generator and everything I ate or drank traveled hundreds of miles to get there where my finger had brought me.

Here is the PARADOX : believing you are a nature lover and looking for an uncontaminated place without realizing the terrible impact that my choice has had: creating the conditions to destroy this fantastic nature.

Make a wise choice: choosing to decrease your impact is just a matter of choices and if you choose us you are not wrong.

I am not asking you to make drastic choices such as becoming a VEGAN OR A FRUITARIAN , to use only public transport (which Briatore calls "the shifters-poor") or to move exclusively by bicycle .

The first step is to be aware that whatever we do uses resources, and that these resources are not infinite. We must not give up anything, we just have to choose better .

I will miss the Indonesian farmer's pig that roamed the beach while I was sunbathing, just as the children who were amazed to see my white skin will always remain in my heart (I thought I was very tanned ...) they wanted to take a picture with me, as if I were vip.
But today I am looking for holidays with a different impact , I will not give up flying but I will choose eco hotels committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly projects .

These are small gestures, but fundamental if done by everyone: business moves mountains, not even health is so important, when something goes from being just an expense to becoming a possibility of earning, the game is done and since the market moves in based on our choices, we CHOOSE BETTER and we will have the transition that everyone is talking about.

Even the Hotel Marcus has started this eco-sustainable path find out what you can do too ...

Finally, if while walking you find a small piece of plastic on the ground, bend over and pick it up, without asking yourself too many questions ... Just think, we are about 7 billion people, if only half do like you it would do a lot, don't you think?